Drawing is often looked upon as the "poor second cousin" of other media such as painting or sculpture.  It is viewed as a means to an end rather than a process unto itself.  I am a fierce opponent of this view and try to impress that upon my students, my clients and anyone else who will listen.  To me, drawing shows the soul of the artist - you see the artists' hand and movement in drawings.             

Many also understand drawing to be graphite on paper - it is so much more and encompasses many different media including pastels, metals and more.  If there is a difficult way of drawing I am, well, drawn to it.  I love the detail and drama that come from working in metalpoint or sgrafitto and enjoy working in and teaching these ancient techniques.  Pastel enables me to indulge fully in my love of abundant, strong colour. For reasons known only to science I find I can drawn with almost neon colours in pastel and have the finished work still look serene and calm. What's not to like?

I teach Drawing CLASSES for adults.