Returning to my Drawing Roots

I've been meaning to get back to some detail drawing and have finally kept my word! For the first time in many years I have taken the Sgraffito supplies out and started on some new drawings.  I have a hankering to get back to cows but am starting small with these little studies of prairie critters! Enjoy.

New work focuses on prairie birds

I have been on a bird binge of late. Most of the work I am producing is aimed at a large solo exhibition that will be coming in the near future.  I have been exploring prairie bird species in paint, glass and embroidery. These works are an attempt to elevate the mundane or unnoticed to a status worthy of our time and reverence - icons.  I have been working in series and the series is evolving as I explore this subject more deeply. Works range from mere inches in size to six feet across!


I have two new exhibitions currently on display in Saskatchewan: "Revery" at Prairie Wind and Silver Sage Gallery in Val Marie, SK ( and "Horse and Cow Show" at West Wind Gallery in Swift Current (

"Revery" is a solo exhibition featuring paintings of indigenous prairie fauna from birds to mammals.

"Horse and Cow Show" is a group exhibition that looks at the history of horses and cows as part of the foundation of the economy in this region of the prairies and as iconic symbols of what role they play in our lives past and present.